********Paranoid Recordings Vol 8-Full Album Unmixed Free Download**********


Paranoid Recordings are back with Vol 8 of their absolutely massive series of compilations showcasing the best of underground talent within the NuSkool/Hardcore Breaks scene. Considering this is now the 3rd of 3 albums they have given away for free, all would have smashed it in the download stores including this fantastic album, 15 tracks in total, all mastered 320mp3s, lets talk  about a few of the highlights on here…..


DJ Flow is a DJ you need to hear, superb mixing, no wonder he has DJ’ed at Dreamscape and Fantazia and he certainly has a knack for making quality NuSkool beats too!!! ‘Rave Monster’ is just that, a beast of a tune with a nod to Sub Love and Dye Witness

Russian female producer, DJ Pink Champagne turns out an amazing euphoric 92 style anthem ‘In My Mind’ that you could just drift away to…..

Another hugely talented producer is J3D with a wicked bleepy piano led 92 raver that has a hint of the Reinforced sound circa 92, Isotonik comes to mind too, remember them? You will love ‘Skyhigh’…

JMT are known for dropping some serious bangers on the paranoid compilations, just wait til you hear ‘Crazy’, anthem of the Summer, make no mistake about that…..

Msprim’s remix of Jimmy J & Cru L T-Can’t You See is pure adrenaline fueled happy hardcore 93 style, a bouncing hoover laden slice of piano perfection….

Darkside fans will enjoy Mellow Dee’s ‘Hide & Seek’, good tongue in cheek fun with some familiar pads!!!

After the incredibly good track by Dodders from Paranoid Vol 7 which has stayed in my playlist constantly since its release, his remix of Renegade Genius’ ‘Mind Blowing Beats’ is every bit as good and is going to be joining in my often played list!!!

We have 2 quality mixes of Simon Harris’ ‘Way Back’, DazzF for the Future Junglists and the man like Gaffer for the ‘aaardcore massif!!!! Nebula II stylee!!!!

Yell O Phase offers a fresh take on the jungle sound to devestatingly good effect with ‘Haaard Junglist’

I would have reviewed every single tune on her because they are all bangers, believe me but I want you to discover these great sounds for yourself. I have so much respect for these guys and ladies, they truly do this out of their love for the sound and as long as labels like paranoid are around, i feel confident that hardcore will never die!!!!!

GET THE FULL UNMIXED 15 TRACK ALBUM HERE:http://www.mediafire.com/download/rfg0ocy9jvhzfrb/Paranoid_Recordings_Vol_8_%5BPRMP005%5D.zip




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